Re-stick your cutting mat

After using the Cricut Explore for cutting felt more than 10 times, I realized that the adhesive part is not that adhesive any more! One first thought was to use a double sided tape to keep my felt sheets in place while cutting. But when you use the tape for the first time, it is very strong and removing the felt designs, without destroying them, is really difficult. And also, it remains sticky for only 3-4 times, so it costs too much to cover all your mat again. So, I googled…

The first thing I found is that I had to clear my mat, since another additional problem was that the mat wasn’t clean at all. To remove all the felt remains and make my mat as adhesive as possible I used the double tape again…. but this time it worked!!!




It removes everything and can be used both sides!


And now? How to re-stick it? After cleaning my mat I started searching for an adhesive material to re-stick my mat. I finally decided to order the Zig Two way glue.


I was impressed with the result, but I don’t know how long it will last and how often should I do the same process. For the moment… I can cut my felt pieces easy and fast!

If you need another strong cutting mat for felt you can find it here:


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