My projects

Some things I’ve made the past few months…

  • Travel Doll House


My girl, like most kids I imagine, love playing with small figures! She plays with dollhouses in such a wonderful creative way and has fun for hours. 
The specific dollhouse has been crafted with such great detail and love! 

  • 3D Puppet Theater


Children’s puppet theaters allow children to stage their own dramas. 

All parts of the theater have been made from a high quality cotton fabrics. Some beautiful details: vinyl blackboard for writing a message to the audience and a curtain comes down before the play!

  • Star Wars Baby Mobile


Five planets and the 3D x-wing are flying around! 

The mobile includes 5 (made by hand and needle felting technique) felt planets and a 3D felt x-wing spaceship. It hangs from a star unfinished wooden hanger.

  • Bunk Bed Curtain


Playhouse made from yellow and orange cotton fabrics to fit your bunk style bed. 

The playhouse promotes imaginative and interactive play. Children can enter the door, say hello through the window, perform a puppet play or simply use it as a special space for quiet time, story time or even a nap.

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