Cut felt using Freezer paper

Let’s say that you downloaded a baby mobile pattern and want to cut all those tiny pieces to create a cute plushie. I know that it is very difficult to follow the pattern lines especially for pieces such as the eyes.

Today I started making a safari mobile for a baby shower and tried to use the magic Freezer paper!


I used different types of felt and decided that the best for those little stuffed animals is the premium wool blend felt. I ordered the one with 40% wool. For experimenting a bit, I tried to use freezer paper with synthetic felt. The result is not the same.

This is the process for the premium wool blend felt:

  1. Cut out all templates of the appliques you want to create.
  2. Trace around each template onto freezer paper; iron the freezer paper to the felt. Keep ironing for about 10 seconds on each area.
  3. Cut out each piece of felt along the pattern lines. Peel off the paper.
  4. Start sewing!!!






Hope this makes you life easier 🙂

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